Our Mission

Celebrate Science Indiana (CSI) aims to highlight the importance and value of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, research, and careers to Indiana and all Hoosiers.

Our Vision

CSI will engage Hoosiers of all ages in interactive STEM-related activities and discussions that will ignite their curiosity and imagination, encourage them to explore STEM-based education and career opportunities, and understand the importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to Indiana’s future and the lives of its citizens. Participants from all walks of life will learn first-hand about the commitment, dedication, and rewards that are inherent in STEM-based careers.

Our Goals

  • Promote a shared vision among industry, education and the public of the importance of STEM-related skills in our economy, environment, health systems, and social systems.
  • Encourage Indiana citizens to remain in Indiana and contribute to and work in a STEM-related discipline.
  • Create interest among students early in their careers to explore, pursue, and persist towards a STEM-based education and career field.
  • Demonstrate and encourage participation in inquiry and exploration from a scientist’s perspective.
  • Highlight the work of educators, including university faculty, members of the I-STEM network, and the Indiana Department of Education that are related to STEM education and research.
  • Strengthen the network among constituencies for whom STEM education is critical for success.